From Silicone To The Silver Screen is a collection of memoirs from both the cast and crew who were involved in creating the science fiction cult classic The Blob.

The Blob at the Movie Theater

The story takes place over the course of a single night. Shorty Yeaworth realized that the film would not have worked as well if the story had taken place during the daylight hours with a fully lit blob. To be truly effective Yeaworth chose to keep the fear in the shadows, understanding that the less the monster was shown the more chilling the effect.

Making the blob move was the result of trial and error. Often several takes would have to be filmed until the desired result was achieved. Almost all of the shots with the blob material were in done in miniature because the silicone was easier to control in small amounts.

Playing at fifteen theaters in the Los Angeles area, the film took in more revenue than Rock-A-Bye Baby starring Jerry Lewis. In addition, the movie also financially exceeded other top pictures of the day.