Wes Shank with the Blob

My connection to the 1958 movie The Blob is that I’m referred to as "the caretaker of the blob silicone". Beginning in 1960 I collected movie posters and publicity photos. The blob silicone was the first prop in my collection which was purchased from the director, Shorty Yeaworth, in 1965.

Since acquiring the silicone I have shared with the public my love of The Blob (1958) through lectures and exhibitions. The blob silicone is always the center attraction. Over the years I have lectured and exhibited the blob silicone throughout the Philadelphia area such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Villanova University cultural film series, the Moore College of Art, and the Franklin Institute. In addition I have also exhibited the blob silicone at various sci-fi conventions as Fanex, Chiller, and Monster Bash. Yearly the blob silicone is the center of attention at Blobfest in Phoenixville PA.

My wife, Judi, and I appear at various film conventions exhibiting the blob silicone and some of the miniature sets used in the production of The Blob. From Silicone To The Silver Screen is my first published book honoring the making of this film and the participants.

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